Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oxo-biodegradable plastic bag

These plastic products are biodegradable in the presence of air (oxygen), moisture, microbes and soil. They are not toxic and do not leave harmful residues. Available in Tesco, Cold Storage etc Hypermart in Malaysia.

Price about (Tesco pricing on April 14th 2009):
RM8.99 for 90pcs Standard Waste Paper Basket size
RM10.99 for 50pcs Standard Household Bin

More Info: http://www.sekoplas.com.my/biodegradable-plastic-shopping-bags-asia.htm


CH Voon said...

hey u work for tesco?

Why mention a lot of tesco product?

Michelle Chen said...

Not work for Tesco, work for the environment. hehe... Just that I just to a rough price check at Tesco nia...