Saturday, April 11, 2009

Non- Phosphates Laundry Powder in the Market

Dangers of Phosphates:
Phosphates have two major influences on marine system: High levels of phosphates cause a rapid growth of algae. Algae blooms will suck oxygen out of the water causes toxins to be released into streams and lakes, resulting in water pollutions. High level of phosphate in the ocean will cause stunted growth and general decay of corals.

There are few examples of Non- Phosphates Laundry Powder in Malaysia market and the price is competative. (Pls note that there will be a note stated no phosphates on the polybag itself, as above picture circled in red)
1. Brand: Tesco (Pricing abt RM2.70 for 1kg pack, RM12 for 5kg pack)
2. Brand: Giant (they got added on fragrance I think, smell nice)
3. Brand: First Choice (available at Cold Storage Hypermart) (Pricing abt RM17 for 5kg)
I personally preferred to the Giant brand. For the First Choice brand, I have just bought it, haven't try so not able to feedback yet.

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